Monday, June 14, 2021
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G-7 nations call for thorough probe of Covid origins in China

President Joe Biden, French President Emmanuel Macron and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen speak after posing for photos Friday during the G-7...

Alan Cross found part of his old cassette collection. The discovery unwound some thoughts

Let me be clear from the outset: I do not like cassettes. Anyone who fetishizes them in today’s digital world probably didn’t live through...


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US Water and Power Are Shockingly Vulnerable to Cyberhacks

By Kartikay MehrotraFrom Bloomberg News When the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power was hacked in 2018, it took a mere six hours. Early...

European Poltics

Live blog: NATO summit

U.S. President Joe Biden joins fellow NATO leaders for a summit in Brussels Monday to talk Russia, China, cybersecurity and more. NATO officials are aiming...

5 takeaways from Britain’s G7 summit

Press play to listen to this article CARBIS BAY, England — The G7 have still got juice. Or at least that’s the message leaders of the Group...

Biden heads to NATO amid friction over Afghanistan withdrawal

.cms-textAlign-left{text-align:left;}.cms-textAlign-center{text-align:center;}.cms-textAlign-right{text-align:right;}.cms-magazineStyles-smallCaps{font-variant:small-caps;}NATO allies have made no secret of their frustration with President Joe Biden’s decision to withdraw forces from Afghanistan unconditionally by Sept. 11. Now...

US and Japan leave G7 stuck on coal

FALMOUTH, England — At a global summit meant to showcase their efforts to rescue the climate, the leaders of the richest, most advanced countries...

German Greens in deep ‘Scheisse’ after leader’s stumbles

Press play to listen to this article BERLIN — All she had to do was look in the camera, wave at the small audience and...
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