Yazidis Issue Open Letter to Pope Francis, Ask for Advocacy and a Meeting

VATICAN CITY—Civil and religious leaders of the Yazidi people have issued an open letter to Pope Francis, on the eve of his historic trip to Iraq. Seven years have passed since harrowing reports began to trickle out of ISIS controlled Iraq, detailing genocide of an ethnic and religious minority people, who have claimed thousands of years of history centered on their holy mountain, Mt. Sinjar, Iraq. Once a thriving agrarian community over a million strong, according to Yazidi Leader, Gahzi Morad Barakat, less than an estimated 700 families are all that remain within the shelter of their mountain. “Many, like me, escaped on foot in the mountains. From there, we spent all we had to find refuge in Europe, America, Australia,” Barakat said. “Our people are in exile, and many will not return to our Sacred Mountain.” In an exclusive interview with The Epoch Times, Barakat—who now lives as a …
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