We, the people, the humanity and our entangled future in global COVID-19 pandemic

Are we living in an era of false truth, feigned piety and alternate transient facts of human affairs? To answer a rational question, we need to look for critical thinking of our own lives being managed by distorted narratives coming from those who cannot even think for themselves in political governance. Those occupying positions of influence generate ideas and narratives which are often drawn from people who are ideologue of self-interest, contradictions and misrepresentations across global landscape. The COVID-19 pandemic surge has depleted our inner thoughts, souls and outlook for change and adaptability to the making of the future. At the outset, political leaders appear to be leading the movement for human survival, often abridged by medical scientists and experts in determining which vaccinations — be it European, Russian, Chinese or American should be used to treat people of ethnic, social, moral and intellectual and political diversities. Do they pretend that vaccines or the pandemic knows nationalities or political ideologies separating the human intellect? Ostensibly, human faculties of thinking and choices are being used for divisions and political indoctrinations not for specialized human unity to cope with the emerging crises of COVID-pandemic and its aftermath impacting the masses across the world.
Looking Beyond the Erroneous Logic of Contemporary Professional Intellect and Political Leaderships

Truth is ONE, it cannot be divided into numbers of votaries, that is, We are One People, We are One humanity under the dreadful impacts and consequences of an invisible enemy set to dehumanize all the mankind on this planet. We should be looking for an informed conscience not default of an enlightened conscience to restore trust and societal confidence that COVID-19 pandemic is medically and spiritually treatable and could be diagnosed by century’s evolved medical science complemented by human genius and technological know-how of the 21st century information age. If our leaders are bent on following self-geared national interests and not the interest of one global humanity, consequently our fate, our future are at great risk of dissolution and annihilation by sheer perpetuated ignorance.
We are facing many adversaries both in our own minds (the self) and subdued minds which control our thoughts and propagated minds setting in a given societal culture. This trend has evolved a new tyranny of political and medical obsessions to make us powerless and indifferent while we continued to be the victims of this seamless pandemic raging across our lives. We must be looking for truth to necessitate rethinking in our minds and souls for change and universal sense of humanity as being One and unshakeable by geography, politics and ethnicity and sentiments of political nationalities and persecution.
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