[VIDEO] Eric Trump Has a Chilling Message for GOP Establishment

The truth is the reason why the GOP is shaking in their swampy boots…

On Monday morning, Eric Trump went on Fox News to discuss his father’s future, claiming that the actions taken so far in the presidency of Joe Biden are making people miss former President Donald Trump.

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He said:

 “I think every single day, Biden makes people miss Donald Trump more. When you see some of these policies that are literally destroying jobs, that are destroying industries, that are causing Texas to freeze, that are cutting off our power to our energy grids and all these other nonsensical policies. Right now, the enthusiasm, it’s better than it’s ever been.”

Eric then went on to explain his thoughts of Trump’s future, after it was announced that he would be giving a speech at the CPAC event this weekend, an annual meeting of American conservatives.

Eric said that people support his father because he is a traditional politician, and added:

 “There’s 75-80 million people who would follow my father to the end of the Earth.

There’s no question he will play a pivotal role in politics for a very long time to come. I really do believe he is the modern Republican Party.”

He also predicted that the Republicans in the House and Senate who attacked Trump and supported impeachment are “going to get primaried” when they come up for reelection.

This interview was weeks after Eric declared war on the Republicans who had turned on Trump.

“My father has started a movement, and this movement will never, ever die,” Eric said, adding that this movement “will transcend [Donald Trump], it will transcend all of us.”

In a Twitter post, Trump’s son went into more detail:

“I will personally work to defeat every single Republican Senator / Congressman who doesn’t stand up against this fraud – they will be primaried in their next election and they will lose.”

His brother, Donald Trump Jr., commented in a similar fashion:

“They need to fight for Trump, because if not, I’m gonna be in your backyard in a couple of months. If you’re gonna be the zero and not the hero, we’re coming for you.”

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