Victorian Government Criticised for Confusing Electric Vehicles Policies

The Victorian Labor Government has pledged that $46 million (US$36 million) will go to grants encouraging Victorians to purchase zero-emission vehicles (ZEVs). The funding is part of the Victorian Government’s emissions reduction strategy, which seeks to halve emissions (from 2005 levels) by 2030, aiming for 50 percent of all new vehicle sales by 2030 to be ZEVs. This is in spite of an announcement by the government in March proposing a new tax on ZEVs—expected to raise $30 million over four years—leading both sides of the political divide to accuse the government of simply trying to appeal to environmental criticisms without enacting meaningful legislation. A Victorian Greens party spokesperson believes the incentives are “an attempt at a political fix, not a genuine climate fix.” “Labor’s confusing approach of offering incentives for electric vehicles with one hand while increasing taxes on them with other will undermine efforts to reduce transport emissions,” …
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