US Air Force Unprepared for Defence of Taiwan: War Games Analyst

The U.S. Air Force will struggle to maintain pressure on the Chinese military if conflict erupts around the Taiwan Strait, according to a recent war games analysis. “F-22s and F-35s operating under ideal conditions at sophisticated home bases here in the United States, have an ‘operational readiness’ rate of about 60 percent,” Joseph Siracusa, adjunct professor of the political history of international diplomacy at Curtin University told The Epoch Times. Operational readiness describes the ability of a military branch to operate and maintain its systems and procedures effectively. The rate is critical as military engagements require consistency and precision over days or weeks. “If you want to run 40 sorties [attacking runs] a day, well, you do the math,” Siracusa added. The professor, who has worked with war gaming models during the Cold War, said recent conflict simulations revealed that the sheer distance between the U.S.’s closest airbase in Kadena, Okinawa …
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