Updates on CCP Virus: Chinese Loans to Latin America Plunge as Virus Strains Ties

It seemed like a match made in finance heaven. In 2010, China, its economy roaring and state companies looking to expand globally, set its eyes on Latin America, a region starved of capital but rich in natural resources the Asian giant lacked. The result: a record $35 billion in state-to-state loans that year. Fast forward a decade and the once-torrid relationship is starting to mature in ways that suggest China may be growing wary of its once do-no-wrong partner. Dozens Rally Against Arrest of Pastor Who Defied COVID-19 Lockdown Orders Hundreds of protesters rallied outside the Edmonton Remand Centre on Feb. 20 to show their support for pastor James Coates, who remained in custody after being charged with breaking Alberta’s COVID-19 rules and refusing to comply with his conditions of release. In December 2020, GraceLife church is Edmonton was fined $1,200 when it hosted more people than the 15 percent limit mandated by the Alberta …
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