University Gallery Removes Artwork Critical of Beijing Following Racism Outcry

An Australian gallery has removed three artworks critical of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) after a group of Chinese students complained the pieces were racist. The Ambush Gallery at the Australian National University (ANU) is hosting the “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” exhibition by artist Luke Cornish which features 54 commentary artworks on “injustice and protest” around the world. Some works depicted the injustices of indigenous Australians, while others show the Black Lives Matter movement in America. However, works relating to China received what Cornish describes as a coordinated attack on social media. “I was just getting smashed on Instagram and social media; I think the gallery were getting smashed too,” Cornish told the ABC. “It was such a bullying mentality, so the gallery made the call to take the artworks down.” One of the removed artworks showed an image of the 10 renminbi (RMB) banknote with former communist dictator Mao …
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