UK Policeman ‘Lucky Not to Lose Sight in One Eye’ During Manchester United Protests

A British police officer suffered a serious wound to his face during protests on Sunday against the owners of the Manchester United football club, the Greater Manchester Police Federation has said. “Our brave colleague went to work yesterday to keep the people of Greater Manchester safe—and he ended up coming under attack. He is incredibly lucky not to have lost the sight in an eye,” said Stu Berry, chairman of the federation, on Monday. The officer remains in “lots of pain” and will need an extended period off work to recover, the federation said. “This is not right. Police officers are mothers, fathers, husbands, wives, and partners. They are sons and daughters. They are human beings who should be able to go home to their families in one piece at the end of their shifts. Not be rushed to hospital,” said Berry. “We are offering support to our injured colleague …
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