UK Launches Welcome Package for Hong Kong BN(O) Status Holders

The British government announced on Thursday the launch of a £43 million dedicated support package for Hong Kong BN(O) status holders and their families to help them settle successfully into life in the UK. Under the support programme, 12 virtual welcome hubs will be set up across the UK to help new arrivals apply for school places, access health care, and even set up their own businesses. Local councils will get funding to provide targeted support for new arrivals, covering additional English language training and support with housing costs for those who need it. British schools will receive dedicated Hong Kong educational resources to teach pupils about the historic connection between Hong Kong and Britain and the contribution of the Hong Kong-British and Chinese-British Diaspora to the UK. “I want to extend a warm welcome to Hongkongers arriving in the UK and reaffirm that this government is doing everything in …
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