“There Is Something Fishy on the Final Census Results – There Should Be an Investigation or Litigation” – TX Gov. Greg Abbott Weighs in On Shocking Census Numbers (VIDEO)-gatewaypundit


Governor Greg Abbott: Texas added more people in the last decade than any other state. People are moving here right and left. However, what happened this last year, the year of COVID, really accelerated all of that…

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Maria Bartiromo: What about the census?… We saw changes in the census. And Republicans are looking at investigating this. Did you lose a congressional seat in Texas? What happened with the census numbers?

Governor Abbott: I think an investigation does need to be done. They need to do it very quickly because the time clock on this is short. But if you look at all the numbers of many red states, the initial assessment of the numbers of what the population growth was, was reduced by the final numbers. And then other blue states, they were supposed to be losing population. And suddenly they’re not losing as much as had been prognosticated. So there is something fishy about the final census results and it’s right that there should be an investigation and maybe even litigation to clarify what is exactly going on. Who changed the numbers? Why did they change it? Was it a valid change? Things like that.

We really are in the death throes as a republic if you cannot even trust Democrats to run an honest census. And there is no Justice Department available to investigate.

They cheat at everything. And these Marxists continue to get away with it.

It’s just too bad the Republican Party is too week to speak out and fight this travesty!

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