The WHO Is Re-writing History, They’re having a hell of a time selling the vax/’gene therapy’ so need to redirect the narrative

The WHO Is Now Re-writing History – Says “Herd Immunity” Only Results from Mass Vaccination – Negates Natural Immunity

The WHO is at it again. It’s now saying that the only way to reach herd immunity from COVID-19 is from mass vaccination, discounting natural immunity.

Over a year ago we uncovered that the WHO was pushing garbage data. Dr. Tedros at the WHO was claiming the mortality rate on the China coronavirus (COVID-19) was near 3.4%. This was a grossly exaggerated number and we provided evidence for our analysis:

A half a year later, we were proven right. The WHO agreed with our analysis from March 2020:

Now the WHO is at it again – making false assertions. The WHO now is claiming that the only way towards herd immunity with the China coronavirus is through vaccinations. They have totally forgotten or are ignoring natural immunity to COVID-19:

Natural immunity should not be forgotten or negated. Getting a vaccine is not the only way to achieve herd immunity. Natural immunity has been around for generations.

They’re having a hell of a time selling the vax/’gene therapy’, so they have to redirect the narrative.

>“Herd Immunity” Only Results from Mass Vaccination
Newspeak is alive and well – pos fake scientists

Here’s a rebuttal, watched it last night, reposting for more exposure

Drs. Geert Vanden Cossche and Peter McCullough on SARS-CoV-2, Vaccination

So, 2nd wave of Corona will mean the non-“vaccinated” will get sick from the more contagious virus, but will benefit from their natural killer cells fighting back.

The “vaccinated” will also get sick from the variant, but the vaccine-generated antibodies will be useless and will take out the effectiveness of the natural killer cells. In other words, according to this guy, they’re fucked.

This doesn’t look good from any side. Non-“vaccinated” will be blamed for not achieving a herd immunity that was never going to happen anyway. The “vaccinated” will struggle with coming to terms with being fucked over by deranged assholes and fear mongering.

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