Texas Repub Rep. Chip Roy has introduced new bill that would designate drug cartels as Foreign Terror Organizations

Texas Republican Rep. Chip Roy has introduced an explosive new bill that would designate drug cartels as Foreign Terror Organizations under federal law

The legislation, which is titled the “Drug Cartel Terrorist Designation Act,” would classify the Reynosa/Los Metros faction of the Gulf Cartel and the Cartel Del Noreste faction of Los Zetas as terrorist organizations.

A whopping 30 House Republicans have co-sponsored the bill.

“To anyone remotely familiar with the brutal tactics and extensive operations that cartels use on both sides of our southern border every single day, there is absolutely no question that they should be described, designated, and treated as terrorists. These are people who hang, behead and burn people alive to threaten and control government officials and Mexico and they are starting to bring those dangerous tactics here to the United States,” Roy said.

“These criminal organizations endanger American citizens, our Mexican neighbors, and the immigrants who seek to come here. They treat human beings like cattle, trafficking them — as well as deadly narcotics — across our border and through our communities every single day for profit. To make matters worse, they’re growing even more powerful, wealthy, and brazen as a result of this administration’s self-inflicted border crisis. We need to get serious, treat cartels like the terrorists they are, and give law enforcement even more tools to bring them down,” he added.

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