Steven Sund Didn’t Get FBI Report Warning Of Violence On January 6

Steven Sund is the Former Capitol Police Chief.

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The lawmakers said that he defended himself and didn’t receive an FBI warning of violence issued only one day before the Capitol Riot.

The FBI said that they received a couple of detailed calls indicating that on January 6 will be violence. The protesters in front of the U.S Capitol were ready for war.

As a response to the question that Senator Amy Klobuchar asked, Sund, said:

I actually just in the last 24 hours was informed by the department that we actually had received that report,”

The latest details appeared when Sund and many other officials said their points of view in front of the Senate Rules and Homeland Security committees. They talked about the security mistakes allowing the riot on January 6.

The intelligence sharing plays the leading role in explaining what Capitol security forces did or didn’t do to prevent the disaster.

Senator Jeff Merkley read only short comments posted online in the FBI report. Some of them were:

  • “Congress needs to hear glass-breaking doors being kicked in.”
  • “We get our president, or we die.”

The deficit of shared information with the Capitol security network is disappointing. And in this case, it is the main responsible for the Capitol riot.

Merkley said:
“That’s very concerning whether or not [there are] procedures for the head of the intelligence on the U.S. Capitol Police to get the intelligence report, to review it, especially when there were significant other indications of potential violence,”

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