Queensland Nurses Opting Out of CCP Virus Vaccinations: Union Survey

A Queensland nurses union has revealed strong hesitancy among the “overwhelming majority” of its members towards mandatory immunisation against the CCP virus, given the shorter trial times and higher unknowns for the newer RNA vaccines compared to standard vaccines. Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young, on March 31, made it mandatory for Queensland nurses working with COVID-19 patients to get one of the jabs.  But some nurses say they’ve been left in the dark about what compensation they’ll receive if they develop a bad reaction to the vaccine. The Nurses Professional Association of Queensland (NPAC) has said that 82.5 percent of their members surveyed think their employers should compensate them if they start to have side effects from a COVID-19 vaccine. “The vaccine is being made mandatory for nurses here in Queensland, yet it seems that no promise of compensation is being made to nurses that experience adverse impacts from the vaccine,” the NPAQ …
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