Psaki fam: Unitarian Rev. Kirsten Psaki

Psaki Family

Rev. Kristen Psaki
Minister & Psychedelic Guide at The Center for Medicinal Mindfulness
Boulder, Colorado, United States

Kristen is an ordained Unitarian Universalist Minister and lifelong seeker of the sacred. Living in growing reverence to the ancient wisdom of plants and the Indigenous cultures that preserved these medicines, Kristen trusts in the transformative power of Love and roots deeply in the knowing that healing and justice are possible in this life.

Kristen received her Masters of Divinity from Union Theological Seminary in
NYC (2014) with a focus in Psychology & Religion and a concentration in Depth Theology, a Jungian-rooted approach to unlocking the mysteries of Psyche & Soul, an approach which informs her life and work as a minister and a guide. She also holds advanced training in Mindfulness-Based Psychedelic Therapy through Level 2 of Psychedelic Sitters School (2018) with the Center for Medicinal Mindfulness. Kristen identifies as a white, cis-gendered, queer and temporarily able-bodied woman who grew up with class privilege. She invites the conscious and creative exploration of systems of oppression into healing journeys knowing personal and collective liberation are deeply connected and that all of us – need all of us – to be free.

Lover of ritual and forever a student of the unseen world, Kristen was raised Catholic and joined an evangelical Christian community as a teenager before surrendering into the guidance of Buddhism and the practice of Yoga as a young adult. She currently finds connection and truth through the earth-based practices of her ancestors and welcomes your path just as it is.

Kristen specializes in Psychedelic Spiritual Care through or outside of the context of a religious tradition. Whether healing from a tradition from your childhood that could not see your magnificence, desiring to deepen in your faith as it is, following that bone-deep longing to pray or praise for the very first time, or just caught in big questions or big struggles – Kristen partners with psychedelics to create spaces to move toward the questions, the pain, and the beauty of life as you explore healing and wholeness. Trained as an end-of-life and crisis chaplain, Kristen also specializes in Psychedelic Spiritual Care through grief as well as Psychedelic Spiritual Care through death and dying knowing that death and grief must be held in community.

Master Trainer
Institute for Public Leadership
Jan 2009 – May 20095 months
Washington, DC and Kingston, Jamaica
Designed the new media curriculum for the YWCA’s IPL, a training workshop for women candidates and managers.
Co-led a four-day training of the full curriculum for the Jamaican Women’s Political Caucus in Kingston, Jamaica.
Obama for America

State New Media Director
May 2008 – Nov 20087 months
Managed the state webpage, emails, text messaging, social networks, video plan and small staff for Florida’s general election.
Coordinated with field, scheduling and communications teams.
Recruited readership through a blog series, accurate and updated information distribution, education and training to average 10,000 daily page views.

Field Organizer
Jun 2007 – May 20081 year
New Hampshire, South Carolina, Connecticut, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
Established and maintained an organizational structure for over 10 counties with an average of 100,000 residents.
Organized surrogate and earned media events, including a 6,000 person rally.
Implemented aggressive voter registration and Get Out the Vote strategies across multiple counties simultaneously.
Recruited and trained over 500 volunteers to develop community leaders and teams.
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