Police Officers Take Ontario Government to Court Over COVID-19 Measures

Fifteen active and four retired police officers are taking the Ontario government to court over the province’s COVID-19 measures that “compels” officers to enforce rules that violate Charter rights and their oath to uphold the Constitution.  The officers state, in the notice of application (pdf) filed on April 20, that Ontario’s COVID-19 measures are “unconstitutional and of no force and effect” and force officers to violate the Charter rights and freedom and breach the oath they took to protect the people according to law.  The 19 applicants include active and former police officers from Toronto, York Region, Hamilton, Niagara, Ottawa, and Ontario and a retired corporal with the RCMP—with many listed anonymously under the name “John Doe.” “Many of these regulations are not specific enough, they’re too vague and broad and aren’t clear enough to enforce uniformly and fairly,” said attorney Rocco Galati of the Constitutional Rights Centre during a press conference on April …
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