O’Toole Promises Pandemic Inquiry if Elected, Criticizes Feds’ Vaccine Procurement Plan With China

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s decision to partner with China on making COVID-19 vaccines while promising a public inquiry into the Liberal government’s pandemic response if the Tories were to win power. During a press conference on April 6, O’Toole said Trudeau had “dropped the ball completely” when he turned to China to manufacture COVID-19 vaccines. A January report by iPolitics showed that days after the federal government announced a deal with a Chinese vaccine company in 2020, Beijing had deliberately blocked the candidate vaccine shipments to Canada, which led to months of delay in clinical trials. “It was the worst in a series of poor decisions,” O’Toole said. “We are still scrambling to catch up.” As of April 6, Canada has administered 6.9 million vaccine doses, with roughly 1.8 percent of the population fully vaccinated. O’Toole said this has placed Canada at number 44 in …
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