Organ harvesting (Cap)

again, the burden of proof or at least be waterproofed to actual survive outside of this board, anon.
and yet again
you failed to bring up the smoking gun.

we can agree all day long here, with minds around us who all agree on it but never challange us on it.

Listen anon, this is not some shitpost, open up your damn brain, do you really think all the stuff we know could survive in the normalfag space? As of now, as we see, no, it doesn’t!

Shit needs to be waterproofed as fuck.
So, bring it on, show me the waterproofed as fuck shit!

… still nothing.

Now let me show you something, of a very real organ harvesting shit.
You can basiclly feel how your inner soul start to wake up and your The mood changes into something very sinful.
this is the kind of impact one would need to destroy the safe space of a schizo

do not watch this if you are weak
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