New COVID Travel Rules Violate Canada’s Charter

Commentary Democracies respect the right of citizens to leave and re-enter their own country freely; repressive regimes like China and North Korea do not. Hence Section 6 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects this right. Any restrictions on the right to leave and enter Canada, such as needing a passport, must be reasonable and minimal. As of Feb. 22, all Canadian citizens returning by air will be locked up in a hotel for up to three nights, at their own expense of $2,000 per person, while awaiting the results of an unreliable PCR test they took upon arrival back in Canada. A middle-class couple and their two kids might get a deal on a one-week all-inclusive in Mexico for $8,000 or less. But now they will need to pay thousands more for the privilege of re-entering Canada and being imprisoned in a hotel for three days. Extra …
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