More Hong Kongers Gain Residency in Australia to Escape Communist Control

As Beijing tightens its grip on Hong Kong following the imposition of the National Security Law in July last year, Australia has given safe harbour to Hong Kongers fleeing the country to escape communist control. According to data obtained by SBS, one of Australia’s public broadcasters, around 1,849 Hong Kongers were granted permanent residency (PR) visas between July and November last year. This is a 26 percent increase compared to the five months prior to the introduction of the law. A large majority of Hong Kongers were granted PR status through skilled worker visas, with around 28 percent (527) granted in November. This marks a 117 percent increase in skilled visas granted in the February to June period. The Morrison government last year unveiled a “safe haven” plan which would allow Hong Kong passport holders, who hold Australian student, recent graduate, or skilled workers visas, to extend their stay for another five …
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