Meghan McCain takes down CNN’s Chris Cuomo in one tweet?

Meghan McCain takes down CNN’s Chris Cuomo in one tweet
Meghan McCain has slammed CNN anchor Chris Cuomo and his “ghoul of a brother” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo as controversy grows over his administration’s handling of COVID-19 nursing home deaths.
2:29 min vid

Where was the media last year when conservatives were tweeting about Cuomo and the nursing homes?
We pointed out that Cuomo was not using the ship the military sent. Leaving it empty and unused along with the Hospitals they set up, while he shoved infected people into nursing homes full of vulnerable elderly.
They ignored and mocked and ridiculed us for pointing out the obvious tragedy that was occurring.
Everyone knew it, because of his State order forcing covid infected into the homes and denying them any extra gloves, masks, etc.
How many more people died because of Megan and other hypocrites in the media ignoring this, all to cover and make dems out to be good, and to try and blame Trump for their own incompetence.
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