Martin Geddes on how the Biden show is saving American and the world


I was pretty sideways yesterday after all we heard from POTUS was get the damn vaccine. A few of you talked me off the ledge>

Then today Dayshift shared this by Martin Geddes:

One excerpt:
“So the “big picture” is that we are watching a total reboot of America, and consequently the world. When a computer reboots its operating system goes down a series of “run levels”, and then back up again. We are experiencing the same thing in America: “The Bidan Show” is just a “holding screen” and distraction put on to educate the public while the military does the election fraud cleanup operation. This is done at the lowest Constitutional “run level” where normal civilian government is (quietly) suspended. The inevitable riots and chaos of the wakeup phase — when this is all official and in the open— have to wait until the cleanup is finished. One problem at a time.”

Well worth the read. Share it with normies, family and friends.
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