Lockdowns May Be Canada’s Biggest Policy Failure in History, Report Says

Lockdowns have had little effect on bringing down COVID-19 deaths and could be one of Canada’s biggest policy failures in history, a professor wrote in a research paper published this month. Douglas W. Allen, economics professor at Canada’s Simon Fraser University, reached the conclusion after examining over 80 papers on the effects of lockdowns implemented worldwide by governments in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The policy forced the closure of businesses, supply chains, various sector activities, among other activities in daily life. “Lockdowns have had, at best, a marginal effect on the number of Covid-19 deaths,” Allen wrote in his report (pdf). He found that many of the early cost/benefit research started off on false assumptions and greatly overestimated the benefits of lockdowns while underestimating their harms. Allen noted that one great mistake found in those papers’ modelling is their negligence of voluntary changes in people’s behaviors that render lockdowns ineffective. …
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