It’s No Surprise That Trust in Media Continues to Plummet

Commentary The pandemic era has not been kind to the health of Canadian journalism and the public’s overall regard for it. A survey published in March by the Edelman communications firm delves more deeply into the problem, which reflects a year of journalistic conduct during the pandemic and the wokism that took hold of many institutions last summer. According to the survey, 49 percent of those surveyed agreed that journalists have been purposely trying to mislead by reporting things they know are false or exaggerated. Fifty-two percent believe media organizations are more preoccupied with promoting an ideology than informing the public. Fifty-two percent also believe that news outlets are failing when it comes to their pledge to be non-partisan and objective. This is after an increase in Canadians’ trust in institutions at the beginning of the pandemic, though that was unsurprisingly short-lived. The digital age has done much to strain …
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