Growing Push to Save Kangaroos on Death Row

Victoria’s plan to cull 17,250 kangaroos after population numbers grew by 40 percent has led environmental groups to fear that it could eradicate the animals in Victoria. The cull has also placed agricultural and environmentalist groups at odds with the farmers regarding kangaroos’ mobs as agricultural pests. Victorian orchard owner Gary Katerelos said kangaroos are a nuisance to farmers on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria and a threat to his livelihood. “Early shoots from grapevines are eaten; apples are taken off trees and discarded after a few bites,” Katerelos told Southern Peninsula News. “Trees are damaged as they attempt to pull fruit from them, and they can strip a pear tree of most fruit in a week,” he added. However, many environmentalists argue that the beloved Australian marsupial ought to be protected, with animal rights groups pushing Victorian lawmakers for the wild population of eastern grey kangaroos on the Mornington Peninsula …
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