Government Censorship of the Internet Is Tyranny, Not Protection

Commentary With Bill C-10, the federal government seeks to regulate video content on YouTube and other social media, the same way it regulates national broadcasting. “Canadians who upload videos to the internet could find that their content falls under the watchful eye of the federal government after proposed changes to Canada’s broadcasting law were modified at the eleventh hour last week,” says an April 26 Toronto Star article. If C-10 passes into law, the content Canadians upload to social media, whether a funny cat video or serious political commentary about COVID and lockdowns, will be subject to government regulation. According to Tamir Israel, a technology lawyer at the University of Ottawa, this “could pave the way for future governments to make regulations around user-generated content on the internet, even if the current Liberal government has no intention of doing so,” the Toronto Star wrote. “This is a poorly designed and not …
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