FINALLY: The True Cause Of Tiger Woods’ Car Crash – REVEALED!

Everything seems odd now.

On February 23, Tiger Woods, a famous golfing legend, survived a severe car crash. The incident caused him injuries that required surgery.

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From the accident date until today, the police have led an investigation. Finally, they revealed the cause of the crash.

According to Fox News, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva had a press conference on Wednesday, where he shared the cause of the crash. Tiger was driving at an unsafe speed.

According to the obtained evidence, Tiger was driving between 84 and 87 mph. And when the car crashed into the tree, the speed was 75 mph. The maximum speed that the vehicles should reach is 45 mph in that zone.

There was no evidence of car impairment, and Woods couldn’t recall a single moment of the incident.

Villanueva, in his press conference, said: “I know there’s some saying somehow he received special or preferential treatment of some kind, that is absolutely false,”

“There was no signs of impairment. Our primary concern at the scene of the collision was his safety. This is where you have to switch gears and make sure the person can survive and receives medical care.”

Villanueva continued explaining that the officers couldn’t obtain a search warrant without impairment signs. No special treatment was implemented, and these rules are the same for every person in this situation.

Last week, Villanueva stated that the accident’s cause would remain a secret until they obtain Tiger’s permission. They received it, and via press conference, revealed the car crash’s cause.

Once the accident happened, police searched the golfer’s SUV’s black box, with Los Angeles Sheriff’s Capt., James C. Powers, revealing that Woods’ acceleration pedal percentage was 99% at all zones of impact.

Powers stated: “There was no evidence of braking throughout this collision,”

“It is speculated and believed that Tiger Woods inadvertently hit the accelerator instead of the brake pedal, causing that 99% grading on the accelerator pedal.”

Because there was a tricky curve in the road, Tiger could not control the car, which is how the accident happened.

Police never took blood samples from Woods, but they were supposed to test him for drug or alcohol abuse.

Woods struggles with severe leg injuries due to the crash, and at the moment, he is at his house in Jupiter, Florida, rehabilitating.

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