Fauci’s Cult



The Lesson from JIM JONES , and your CHILDREN
In any cult, facts make NO difference in rescuing the hypnotized from the clutches of psychopaths.
Think Jim Jones. 800 people drank the Kool-aid to die.

👉🏻Scientists innumerable have said masks do NOT protect. That fact doesn’t matter because this is a cult.
Death rates, infection rates, children immunity, Mandated masks for kids – none of those facts matter.
Because the modern day Jim Jones-media is ruling their minds. Facts don’t matter.

Bringing us to YOUR CHILDREN
How did Jim Jones get everyone to commit suicide?
He had a strategy:
A normal parent, even if brainwashed, would do anything to save their children. So he separated the kids, murdered them & told all parents (with proof) they were killed. He reasoned the parents would not seek revenge, rather be open to suicide as they had no reason to go on living.
He was right.

Why is Dr. Fauci really going SO HARD to vaccinate your children before school in the FALL ? He must be stopped NOW
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