Every Physical Silver Ounce Has Been Sold Up To 1000x-zh

Every Physical Silver Ounce Has Been Sold Up To 1000x

The silver price is today half of the January 1980 level. That was the peak at $50 which silver reached again 31 years later in 2011. But alas, the bullion banks, aided by the BIS (Bank for International Settlement) and central banks have again managed to push it down again and today silver is only $26.10. The current silver price has nothing to do with supply and demand. In a real market the Price of Silver would be substantially higher. In a fake market, the manipulators have no problem to suppress the price by selling virtually unlimited fake paper silver. The LBMA and Comex clan has sold their physical silver up to 1,000X over.

If a salesman has a demand for 1,000 items of a product of which he possesses the only one available, he will first rub his hands and then perform a victory dance. He knows he will achieve an astronomical price. And that is exactly what would happen in a free silver market. But since the paper silver issuers know that they are dealing with totally clueless buyers who don’t understand that there is no silver, they will continue to stuff the gullible buyers with more fake silver. That is, until the buyers wake up and ask for delivery to find out that the silver vaults are empty. We know that the silver market is very strained already. Retail silver can fetch margins up to 50% and they have been at 100% premium. But at least when people buy retail silver from a reputable dealer and take delivery, they know that they have real silver.
*It is a paper security held within the financial system
*It has multiple counterparty risks
*The gold/silver holdings are not segregated from custodians’ assets
*It owns no gold/silver directly
*The gold/silver is stored within the banking system
*The gold/silver held is probably rehypothecated
*The gold/silver is not fully insured
*Investors have no access to their gold/silver
What investors must remember is that on the other side of the gold and silver coin is a collapsing currency. That is why wealth preservation is so critical. Not only will stocks, bonds and property collapse but so will the value of money. So going liquid is not the solution. Again, history tells us what the solution is and if you defy history, you will come to regret it.
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