DC FINALLY Specifies PCR Test Cycle Threshold For Vaccinated Individuals

CDC Specifies PCR Test Cycle Threshold For Vaccinated Individuals: What Does This Mean?

– The CDC is and will be collecting samples from COVID tests of vaccinated individuals to try and determine if the virus can breakthrough the protection of the vaccine.
– In doing so the CDC has specified a cycle threshold for PCR tests.
– Why a cycle threshold suddenly?
– Why not one prior to the rollout of vaccines?
– How many false positives have we seen as a result of no prior cycle threshold?
– Will PCR tests of the unvaccinated have this new cycle threshold?

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The Takeaway
Most people believe that PCR testing is sound and adequate in identifying people who are infected and also have the ability to transmit COVID, but this simply isn’t true and it’s very significant because “cases” are being used to set public health policy…

Discussing the harms of these measures is being labelled as nonsense within the mainstream. For example, anything that calls into question lockdowns as a means for helping to stop the transmission of the virus for is labelled as “anti-lockdown.” World renowned scientists have been censored and ridiculed and pushed into silence. PCR tests are the basis of initiatives like vaccine passports as well….

An example I often use is of Jonas F Ludvigsson , a paediatrician at Örebro University Hospital and professor of clinical epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute is quitting his work on covid-19 because of harassment from people who dislike what he discovered.”’ He published data showing that no school children in Sweden died of COVID during the first wave despite no mask and lockdown measures :

A letter to the editor published in the New England Journal of Medicine titled “Open Schools, Covid-19, and Child and Teacher Morbidity in Sweden” has found that “Despite Sweden’s having kept schools and preschools open, we found a low incidence of severe Covid-19 among schoolchildren and children of preschool age during the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic…No child with Covid-19 died…Among the 1,951,905 children who were 1 to 16 years of age, 15 children had Covid-19, MIS-C, or both conditions and were admitted to an ICU, which is equal to 1 child in 130,000.”

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