‘Confronting’ Report Finds Systemic Culture of Abuse in Australian Gymnastics

An independent report published by the Australian Human Rights Commission has found a culture of abuse, misconduct, bullying, and sexual harassment in Australian Gymnastics. Published on May 3, the report was commissioned in August 2020 following a global sharing of personal experiences of abuse detailed by the gymnastics community—including former athletes and parents. Among the five key findings, the report found current coaching practices “create a risk of abuse and harm to athletes,” and that there was “insufficient focus on understanding the full range of behaviours that can constitute child abuse and neglect in gymnastics.” It also noted the sport’s focus on “winning-at-all-costs,” and that an acceptance of negative and abusive coaching behaviours resulted in “the silencing of the athlete voice and an increased risk of abuse and harm”—with significant short and long term impacts to gymnasts. The report also found gymnastics at all levels had not “appropriately and adequately addressed complaints of abuse and …
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