COLD FUSION WAS REAL AFTER ALL/Major Chinese investors in talks to take Aramco stake


Low Energy Nuclear Reactions. LENR. Lattice Enabled Nuclear Reactions. Many names…just don’t call it ‘Cold Fusion’.

Anon has been following this field for some time and knew that the Navy was deeply involved in this research, but now the reveal must be around the corner. Publicly it seemed that it was all just a tease, some hints, lots of crackpots on the fringes. But there were indications that the real work was spectacular…and hidden.

Now, 32 years later..

I wonder what they really have…did POTUS make them share this with the world? Imagine virtually free energy. Everywhere.

The end of the oil economy. The end of the Petrodollar. The reason why the Saudis put ARAMCO up for public stock offering. You don’t sell a profitable monopoly. That’s just stupid. You sell capital assets that will be worthless soon to dilute your losses among the suckers that don’t have your inside information.

You will remember this post.

This is just the beginning of the reveal. Just wait and see.

from april 28

Major Chinese investors in talks to take Aramco stake -sources

Major Chinese investors are in talks to buy a stake in Saudi Aramco 2222.SE, several sources told Reuters on Wednesday, as Saudi Arabia’s state oil firm prepares to sell another slice of its business to international investors.

Saudi Arabia was in discussions to sell 1% of Aramco to a leading global energy company and could sell further shares including to international investors within the next year or two, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in televised remarks on Tuesday. A stake of 1% would equate to around $19 billion based on Aramco’s current market capitalisation.

Sovereign wealth fund China Investment Corporation (CIC) CIC.ULwas among those that could invest, two sources told Reuters.

so we let the Chinese buy all the oil then go cold fusion
they can’t steal the secret huh
howza gb
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