Chinese Media Takes Aim at Australia’s New ‘Hawkish’ Australian Defence Minister

The state-control Chinese newspaper, The Global Times, has taken aim at Australia’s newly appointed defence minister, Peter Dutton, saying the “hawkish” political leader was an “extreme populist” and had a “strong tendency of racism.” “With Dutton being the defence minister, Australia will take further actions to cooperate with the United States to stir up South China Sea issues,” the editorial piece said. In response to the attack, the defence minister has said: “I think they’re half right.” “We’ll work very closely with the United States because they are our most important ally, but we don’t do that in an antagonistic way; we do that to protect our sovereignty and national interests,” Dutton told Sky News Australia. “We don’t support the militarisation of ports. We don’t support any foreign country trying to exert influence here via cyber or other means. We don’t want to see conflict in our region,” he added. …
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