Authenticity of French Journalist With Chinese State-Owned Media Questioned

The authenticity of a so-called French journalist was called into question after someone published articles on Chinese state-run media promoting the CCP’s propaganda about Xinjiang; a French newspaper has said the woman does exist but might be someone who blindly promotes the regime. French-language fact-checking website RTL announced on April 5 that “Laurène Beaumond does not exist, at least not under that name,” after investigating reports on two Chinese state-run media as well as reports from two French independent newspapers. Real Person or Pseudonym? Laurène Beaumond first appeared as a columnist on the Chinese state-run CGTN’s website on March 28, where she was described as an “independent journalist based in France, who has a double degree in history of art and archeology from the Paris-Sorbonne University (also known as Paris-IV) and a Masters in journalism. … [She] has worked in various editorial offices in Paris.” Beaumond was revealed again at Chinese …
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