Australian Government Set to Increase Jobless Benefit After Pandemic Supplement Ends in March

The Australian government is set to introduce a permanent rise in the JobSeeker payment rate by $50 a fortnight or $3.57 a day. This will be the first real increase to the unemployment benefit in Australia since 1994. It is also the largest increase since 1986 and is expected to cost the country $9 billion dollars over the next four years The base rate of the Australian employment benefit, formally known as Newstart, was set at $565 a fortnight—or $40-a-day—before the introduction of the COVID-19 supplement in March 2020. The supplement, which is scheduled to end on March, 28 provided an extra payment of $550 fortnight, until Sep. 25, 2020 when it tapered to $250 a fortnight. It reduced to $150 on Jan. 1, 2021. Speaking at a press conference in Canberra on Tuesday Prime Minister Scott Morrison said the changes to the JobSeeker rate were a result of Australia moving …
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