ANSWER: Are We Living Under The U.S. ‘’Corporation’’? General Flynn Reveals The Truth!

These days one theory circles around the internet, saying that the U.S. was converted from Republic into a ‘’Corporation’’ many decades ago. Precisely this is why I believe that President Trump will return as the 19th President of the United States of America Republic.

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It is something that Americans thought Trump was referring to when before Election Day stated that something had already been inked, something huge!

Americans, including me, believe that he was referencing the termination of the Rockefeller/ Rothschild Central Bank control of the U.S. Corporation and regaining the Republic’s power.

Maybe this sounds to you like an internet conspiracy.

But, you can see that we aren’t sharing a lot of information because we couldn’t find concrete facts to report on.

However, today something interesting happened. General Michael Flynn was supposed to answer the issue mentioned above, and his reaction was everything.

Now, I am officially reporting on it!

It is huge!

You can see Flynn’s answer and reaction from the video below.

In case you want to hear more information, see the full interview here.

What is your opinion?

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