90 Percent of Australia’s Imported Solar Panels Are Made in China

Data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics shows ninety percent of all solar panels imported into Australia came directly from China during the first 9 months of the 2020 financial year. This cost Australia $1.1 billion (US$850 million), and from 2015 to 2020, Australia spent more than $5.3 billion (US$4 billion) on Chinese-made solar panels. Federal Independent MP Craig Kelly expressed concern over the huge expenditure, saying that Australia’s renewables push has forced Australia to buy a vast number of solar panels from China. “The net result will be a wealth transfer out of Australia to the communist party of China,” Kelly told The Epoch Times. Meanwhile, Australia has only one solar panel manufacturer—Tindo Solar. In a public letter to the government on Mar. 26, 2020, Tindo Solar CEO Shayne Jaenisch explained that the company risked shutting down due to cheaper Chinese alternatives and a lack of federal government support. …
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