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Report: Talk Radio Employees Revolt over George Soro-Backed Leftists Buying Spanish Stations

Reports published on Tuesday indicate {an} agreed-to sale of Radio Mambí, a Spanish-language talk radio station in Miami, to a George Soros-backed leftist group has prompted a potential mass exodus of its employees.

TelevisaUnivisión, which owns Radio Mambí, is reportedly facing so much employee disgust from the sale that the conglomerate is offering key Radio Mambí personalities $120,000 bonuses (half paid {after the} Federal Communications Commission approves the sale, half {after the} leftist group {gets control}) {to remain} at the network.

The buyer {is really a} newly formed corporation called the “Latino Media Network” {linked to} several far-left radicals, including Soros himself. The network’s leaders have said that it aims {to attain} major markets nationwide – {LA}, {NY}, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, McAllen, Fresno, {NEVADA}, and Miami – to combat Spanish-language “misinformation and disinformation.”

{As well as the} Soros ties, the network is run by Stephanie Valencia, a former Obama outreach director, and Jess Morales Rocketto, a left-wing pro-immigration activist.

The investment group Lakestar Finance, {affiliated with&nbsp directly;}Soros Fund Management, {reportedly funded the group {and its own} {try to} purchase 18 Spanish-language {r / c},|reportedly funded the combined group {and its own} {try to} purchase 18 Spanish-language {r / c},} including Mambí. The sale of Radio Mambí has particularly outraged the Cuban exile community {due to its} historic status as a broadcaster sharing news of human rights violations by the Castro regime and voices opposing communism.

The Media Research Center’s Jorge Bonilla first reported, citing unnamed sources, that Univision was offering Radio Mambí talent “$120K retention bonuses contingent upon staying through completion of the transfer to Soros-financed group.”

The conservative site El American  later reported that “some hosts” of the station {will be} uncomfortable continuing to work there {beneath the} banner of an entity so closely aligned with Soros and the Democrat Party and {wouldn’t normally} do so “{even though} {they’re} offered $120,000 {to remain}.”


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