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3 Chinese astronauts settling {set for} 6-month {stick to} Tiangong space station

The three Shenzhou-14 astronauts – commander Chen Dong and Liu Yang and Cai Xuzhe – {are usually} settling in for {an extended} {remain} aboard China’s Tiangong {area|room} station.

The trio {attained} Tianhe , Tiangong’s {primary} module, on Sunday {early morning} (June 5), {just {hrs} after lifting off.|{hrs} after lifting off just.} {Since that time}, the astronauts {have already been} inspecting and {establishing} the crew {atmosphere}, making sure the {normal water}, oxygen {manufacturing|creation}, sleeping conditions, sanitation {along with other} systems are working {nicely|properly}, {stated|mentioned} Wang Saijin, deputy chief {developer} of the China {human being|individual} space program’s astronaut {program} at the Beijing Aerospace {Airline flight|Trip|Air travel} Control {Middle}.

“{They are} all {essential} status settings,” Wang told China Central {Tv} (opens in {fresh|brand-new} tab) (CCTV+). “{There is also} {to arrange} and move supplies, {{which includes} arranging those from the Tianzhou-3 and Tianzhou-4 cargo spaceships.|{which includes} arranging those {through} the Tianzhou-4 and Tianzhou-3 cargo spaceships.}” 

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Such work aside, Tianhe {has been|had been} quite {prepared to} host the six-month-long Shenzhou 14 mission, Chinese space officials {stated|mentioned}. 

“{The area} station complex {will be} in great condition for the manned mission,” Gao Xu, deputy chief designer of the China manned space program’s astronaut system {beneath the} China Academy of Space Technology, {informed} CCTV+ (opens in new tab) .

Tiangong’s final assembly

Chen, Liu and Cai {can help} complete the assembly and construction of Tiangong , developing it {from the} single-module structure {right into a} national space laboratory with three modules. {Another} two modules, {named Mengtian and Wentian,} {are expected to {release|start} in July and October,|in July and October {are anticipated} to launch,} respectively.{

Wentian and Mengtian will {connect} on either {part|aspect} of Tianhe,|

Wentian and Mengtian will {connect} on either relative {part|aspect} of Tianhe,} forming a complex about 20% as massive {because the} International Space Station . {The Shenzhou 14 astronauts will oversee these assembly {procedures|functions},|The Shenzhou 14 astronauts shall oversee these assembly {procedures|functions},} which will {become|end up being} made with {the aid of} Tianhe’s robotic arm.

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International missions to Tiangong?

{Talking about} {the near future} {arrange for} China’s space station, Huang Weifen, chief designer for the China Manned Space Program’s taikonaut (as China calls its astronauts) training system, said China {offers|provides} {already been} cooperating with other countries. {She believes that international astronauts will {ultimately} fly to Tiangong {with their} Chinese counterparts.|She believes that international astronauts will fly to Tiangong {with their} Chinese counterparts eventually.}

“Since 2012, {actually}, {we have been} cooperating with the European Astronaut Center in {choosing} and training, {medical {checking|supervising|overseeing} and support and {area|room} foods,|medical {assistance} and monitoring and {area|room} foods,}” Huang {informed} CCTV+ (opens in new tab)

“We also {delivered} taikonauts {to one another} for training. Such exchanges {shoot for} the taikonauts from the European Space Agency {to come quickly to} the China Space Station. So, {we have been} {producing} relevant technical preparations and {talking about} {how exactly we} should select and train,” Huang added. “{We have been} actively {performing|carrying out} this. {And several} other countries, {for instance} Pakistan, expressed willingness {to become listed on} flight missions on the China Space Station. {{I really believe} there will certainly {be considered a} time for {worldwide|global} taikonauts to come.|{I really believe} there will be {a period} for international taikonauts {ahead} certainly.}”

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