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Award-Winning Documentary ‘Eternal {Springtime}’ Finishes Screening in NYC

The award-winning documentary “Eternal {Springtime}” had two sold-out screenings in {NY} this week. {It’ll be} screened in Poland {by the end} of {Might} {and can} return to {america} in June in {NJ} and {LA}, California.

“Eternal {Springtime}” {has been|had been} screened at the 2022 Human {Legal rights} Watch Film {Event} in {NY} on {Mon} and Tuesday.

The Canadian documentary {runs on the} combination of {computer animation} and real-{individual} interviews to reconstruct the incident of {experiencing} the Chinese communist regime’s {Television} broadcast in Changchun {Town} (the literal {which means} of the city’s {title} is “eternal {springtime}”) in northeast China {twenty years} ago.

The {press|mass media} in China, {all {managed} by the state,|all {managed} by the {constant state},} {have already been} airing hateful propaganda against Falun Gong {because the} regime {released} its persecution of the faith in 1999. Falun Gong {is really a} peaceful spiritual practice {in line with the} principles of truth, compassion, and forbearance.

On March 5, 2002, {several} Falun Gong practitioners risked their {life|lifestyles} to {utilize} the broadcast {program} in Changchun to {air flow|atmosphere|surroundings} the truth {concerning the} {exercise} and the persecution. {{Many of them|A lot of them} were subsequently arrested,|{Many of them|A lot of them} were arrested subsequently,} tortured, and killed by the regime.

Their {buddies|close friends} from Changchun attended the premiere of the {movie} at the Elinor Bunin Munroe {Movie} Center at Lincoln {Middle} in New York {on, may} 24.

{An organization} photo {of individuals} from Changchun with directors Jason Loftus ({3rd} R) and animation {performer} Daxiong ({3rd} L) at the premiere of “Eternal {Springtime}” in {NY} {on, may} 24, 2022. (Shi Ping/ The Epoch {Occasions|Periods|Instances|Moments|Situations})

Wei Lisheng, who knew {most of the} {individuals} of the Changchun incident, told The Epoch {Occasions|Periods|Instances|Moments|Situations}, “Lei Ming, Liu Chengjun, Liang Zhenxing, Liu Haibo, {all of them are} dead. {{I’ll} speak for them {right now|today|at this point}.|I will {right now|today|at this point} speak for them.}” Wei Lisheng said, “{I wish to|I would like to} tell {individuals} of {the planet} about their heroic {activities}, and let {individuals} know the truth {concerning the} persecution of Falun Gong.”

Jason Loftus, the director of “Eternal Spring” and {winner of the Peabody Canadian and Award Screen Award,} and lead animation artist Daxiong {found} the premiere to interact with the audience after the screening.

Daxiong told The Epoch Times: “{Just how} of heaven is above the say of the human world. If {the goal of} delivering {the simple truth is} to save people, {that means {we ought to|we have to} have the courage to {fight} the evil law.|{which means} the courage {ought to be} had by us to {fight} the evil law.} This is what’s {so excellent} {concerning the} Falun Gong practitioners in the Changchun incident. {{I wish to} tell their story to {more folks} around the world.|{I wish to} tell their story to {more folks} {round the} global world.}”

Loftus’s two other Chinese human rights films were suppressed by the Chinese regime {through the} making of the documentary. His contracts with mainland China were canceled. His wife’s family was harassed by the regime. However, inspired by the Chinese Falun Gong practitioners who resist the persecution, he {didn’t} {quit} making the documentary.

”What I witnessed was {individuals who} were {ready to} sacrifice {greater than} I was facing {to become} able to speak the truth in the face of injustice. {And I figured just,} if we don’t do the same with the freedom that we have here, {then {we might} regret that {over time}.|{we might} regret that {over time} then.} So I think it’s important that we use the freedom we have to speak up,” he said.

Epoch Times Photo
Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao (C) at the premiere of “Eternal Spring” in {NY} {on, may} 24, 2022. (Shi Ping/The Epoch Times)

Chinese human rights lawyer Teng Biao watched “Eternal Spring” for {the next} time. {He told The Epoch Times that “telling {the simple truth is} really important.|He told The Epoch Times that “telling {the simple truth is} important really.} {So when} we see in this movie, so many courageous Falun Gong practitioners and human rights defenders sacrifice their freedom, {their lives even,} {to really have the} truth [told].”

“I was a human rights lawyer and I was kidnapped and detained and tortured {several times}. But many, {{a lot of} my friends {remain} in prison.|{a lot of} my friends {come in} prison still.} So, {we can not} take freedom for granted. {To be honest} and to {be sure you} resist, … it has power,” he added.

New York-based writer Steve Mackes told The Epoch Times: “I really liked the way it was crafted with the animation. {There’re so {a lot of things} going on with China {that is} just repressive.|There’re so {a lot of things} going on with China {that is} repressive just.} {People were punished {for} {attempting to} live their lives in {a great way}.|{Individuals were} punished for {attempting to} live their lives in {a great way} just.} {They’re {attempting to} tell the truth {at all}.|They’re {attempting to} tell the truth {in virtually any} real way.} It’s very needed. It’s very moving. Yeah, {I thought {it had been} great.|{It had been} thought by me was great.}”


So,} “Eternal Spring” has won multiple awards at film festivals around the world, such as the Movies That Matter in the Netherlands, the Thessaloniki International Film Festival in Greece, and the Hot Docs Film Festival in Toronto.

Sarah Lu contributed to the report.

Alex Wu


Alex Wu {is really a} U.S.-based writer for The Epoch Times {concentrating on} Chinese society, Chinese culture, human rights, and international relations.


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