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Go like Mo with Huawei’s superb sports smartwatches

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Sir Mo Farah knows a thing or two about time: the record-breaking runner was the first British man to do the 5,000m in under 13 minutes, smashed the European record for the 10,000m – one of many records he’s broken – and will go down in history as one of the greatest and fastest distance runners of all time. 

You might not be able to match Mo’s speed, but you can use the same tech that he does: Mo favours Huawei’s GT series, and if you’re running, working out or doing any other kind of activity, it can motivate you and monitor your progress as you achieve your very own personal bests.

Not only that, but if you buy yours right now you can achieve another kind of best – the best deal – when you buy Huawei smartwatches at Currys. 

Run smarter with the Huawei Watch GT Runner

If you’re looking for an exceptional running watch, you’re going to love the Huawei Watch GT Runner. Building on the brilliant Watch GT 3, it adds some runner-specific features that make it even more useful, as well as being much lighter thanks to its ceramic design. It accomplishes this without sacrificing the brilliant 2-week battery life, and it delivers much more accurate positioning and advanced data analysis so you can review every run in incredible detail. 

With highly accurate dual-band GPS tracking, upgraded heart rate monitoring and all-day health tracking the Huawei Watch GT Runner is a superb smartwatch for anyone and a great companion for amateur and professional runners. Its professional running programme is the perfect training partner, and its excellent analysis delivers the insights you need to break your own records.

The GT Runner also makes it easy to share with other accessories such as the Adidas Running App, and it integrates tightly with the Huawei Health app.

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Live your best life with the Huawei Watch GT 3

If you don’t need the GT Runner’s run-specific features, the Huawei Watch GT 3 is an exceptional all-rounder for every kind of activity. Its new heart rate model and TruSeenTM 5.0+ system deliver incredibly accurate heart monitoring even in fast-changing scenarios such as sprinting, pool swimming and rope skipping, and its location awareness is the most accurate yet. 

The Watch GT 3’s workout monitoring covers over 100 different modes including outdoor sports from golf and mountain climbing to swimming and snowboarding, indoor workouts including free training, elliptical machines and rowing machines, and intense events such as triathlons and cross-country skiing. And it’s also a great smartwatch for everyday use, with state of the art sleep monitoring, stress analysis, cycle tracking and much more to help you live your best life. It can even help you with mindfulness and staying hydrated.

The Watch GT 3 comes in two sizes: 42mm, which runs for a whole week between charges so you can use it to track your sleep as well as your daytime activities, and 46mm, which runs for up to two weeks in typical usage. Whichever version you go for you’re getting beautiful, premium design, a superb always-on display and lots of customisation options. From watch faces to straps, you can make your Watch GT 3 truly yours and rise to any occasion, either when you’re pounding pavements or pacing around the boardroom.

When you choose the Watch GT Runner or the Watch GT 3 you’re getting a smartwatch that’s truly special and that looks the part whether you’re running a race or receiving a medal. Click here to find out more about these superb smartwatches and to discover how you too can go like Mo.


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