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Strange state of {issue} {converted to} a pancake-shape for {first-time}

A supersolid {can be an} exotic {condition} of {issue} that behaves like both {a good} and a fluid. {{It had been} first predicted 60 {years back},|{It had been} first ago predicted 60 years,} but has only {been recently} created in the {laboratory}


14 May 2022

{Experts|Scientists} have {produced} a pancake-{formed|designed} supersolid

Thomas Bland et al.

A pancake-shaped supersolid has {already been} made for {the very first time}. This exotic {condition} of {issue} behaves as {a good}, {but also flows {just like a|such as a} frictionless fluid.|but flows {just like a|such as a} frictionless fluid also.} {It had been} first theorised 60 {years back}, {but was only {lately} created in the {laboratory}.|but was {just} created in the {laboratory} recently.}

At {temps|temperature ranges} a billionth of {a qualification} Celsius above {complete|total} zero, atoms {type} exotic phases of {issue}  {{rather than} freezing into solids.|of freezing into solids instead.} Some ultracold metals {turn out to be} {ideal} conductors of electricity. Ultracold materials {which are} very magnetic {may become} supersolids, {where} atoms {are usually} …


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