Observing the reaction of public opinion, it is clear that they did not know, or had totally ignored what has happened in the last 8 years, almost as if nothing happened in Ukraine.
The major responsibility has the international press, which did not echo the dramatic situation in which the nation was tormented. And once again, this hypocrisy and this double weighting become more and more evident. They talk about propaganda but they are the first to do it. They glorified the US invasion of sovereign states, and now, with equal ease, they condemn Russian action in Ukraine. War is bad either way, not just when it’s convenient. Let us ask ourselves why he intervened: continuous provocations, NATO expansion eastward, hostile acts committed by the Ukrainian government. What if Zelenski was planning to occupy the Donbass and Crimea? What if the press had intentionally created panic over the mass of Russian troops to justify a Ukrainian and NATO intervention? At that point, Putin probably thought of anticipating the moves of the opponent. What if this attack was simply a warning to NATO after being ignored for years? All can be. But right now we can’t complain, we can’t say he didn’t warn us, we ignored him.
You can take the defense of the people, but after the document that will be shown to you, you will certainly not take the defense of the Ukrainian government and who has supported him so far in his criminal actions: The Western Countries.

In recent hours, the press has unilaterally said that Putin’s speech, in which he declared the presence of Nazis at the top of the Ukrainian government, was only Russian propaganda.
Why do they say that? Perhaps because they know that Western governments collaborate with Ukraine and it is not convenient to say how things are?

But are we sure it’s propaganda? Below, I will put the PDF illustrating the crimes committed by the Ukraine government, through the use of Nazi paramilitary groups, also present within the armed forces and the Ukrainian National Guard.

Attention! There will be images, and very strong content. It is not recommended for a fragile audience.