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'{Sometimes a Goblin {Is a|Is really a} Goblin'|A Goblin {Is a} Goblin&#039 sometimes;} – UK Jewish Groups Defend Rowling Against Anti-Semitism Accusations

{Several} Jewish groups {in britain} have backed Harry Potter  author JK Rowling against allegations that the avaricious goblin bankers in her novels are anti-Semitic caricatures.

Rowling, once a darling of the left noted {to make} large donations to the left-wing Labour Party and {an assessment} of Donald Trump to her fictitious villain Lord Voldemort  – and branding of Brexit campaigners as “{a lot of} mini-Trumps” – {has} fallen foul of the woke movement {on her behalf} insistence on the reality of biological sex  and reluctance to regard “penised individuals” convicted of rape as women.

This has {resulted in} her being raked {on the} coals for {some} other historic offences against political correctness – {for instance}, naming an East Asian character in the Harry Potter novels “Cho Chang” and an Irish character “Seamus Finnigan”, both now {thought to be} “problematic” .

{Lately}, American comic Jon Stewart {seemed to} claim that the goblins who run the underground Gringotts Wizarding Bank in her novels are anti-Semitic – suggesting that Rowling had seen Jewish caricatures in The Protocols of the Elders of Zion and “was like, {‘Can we get {this business} {to perform} our bank?|‘Can {this business} are got by us {to perform} our bank?}’”

{He’s got} since denied thinking the British author is anti-Semite and accused news outlets reporting otherwise of acting in bad faith, however.

Dave Rich, {director of policy for Jewish non-profit {the city} Security Trust,|director of policy for Jewish non-profit the grouped community Security Trust,} pooh-poohed the furore by tweeting that “Sometimes a goblin {in only} a goblin,” going {to} tell the MailOnline that “JK Rowling has been very supportive of the Jewish community {lately} and tweeted repeatedly against antisemitism, {so it’s|therefore it is} hard {to assume} that she used antisemitic caricatures in her books.”


“Sometimes a goblin {is a} goblin,|

“Sometimes a goblin {is really a} goblin just,} {” he said again {once and for all} measure.|” he said {once and for all} measure again.}

Rich also told the Hollywood Reporter {he} found it hard {to trust} Rowling “{can be an} antisemite or {is in charge of} creating antisemitic caricatures” {because of the fact} that “{You’ll find nothing} in her record to {claim that} she holds antisemitic views: {quite contrary} in fact as {she’s} spoken out consistently and repeatedly {to get} the Jewish community and against antisemitism.”


Grassroots activists weighed in also,} with the Standing Against Antisemitism {social media marketing} account tweeting that the author “has been a consistent and incredible ally in the fight against antisemitism, throughout one of the darkest times in modern political history. When many were silent,” and adding the hashtag #IStandWithJKRowling.

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