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NATO Peacekeeper Dies {within} Kosovo

PRISTINA, Kosovo (AP) – The NATO-led peacekeeping {objective} in Kosovo {stated|mentioned} Saturday {a} participating soldier from North Macedonia {offers|provides} died.

The Kosovo Force {objective} said the male {support|services|assistance|program|provider} member {passed away} in Pristina, Kosovo’s capital, {on Friday in circumstances unrelated to {fight|overcome}.|friday in {conditions|situations} unrelated to combat {upon}.} A KFOR statement {didn’t} give the {reason behind} {dying|loss of life|passing away|demise} or any {personal stats}.


“NATO mourns {the increased loss of} a soldier and {we have been} here {to aid} his friends.|

“NATO mourns {the increased loss of} a soldier and {we have been} {to aid} his friends here.} His fellow soldiers, {sailors and airmen {carry on|keep on} their U.|airmen and sailors continue their U.}N.-mandated brave mission,” the statement {stated|mentioned}.

North Macedonia joined NATO in 2020. The KFOR {objective} includes some 4,000 troops from 28 {nations}.

NATO troops {have already been} {within} Kosovo since 1999 {following a} bloody {battle} between Serbia forces and ethnic Albanian separatists that {finished} with a 78-{day time|time} NATO air campaign.

Kosovo {has been|had been} a Serbian province until it declared independence in 2008. Serbia {will not} {identify|understand|acknowledge} Kosovo´s independence, and their relations {stay} tense.

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