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Ted Cruz Admits 'Mistake' {to Repeatedly {Utilize the} Word '|{to utilize} {the term} &#039 Repeatedly;}Terrorist' {{to spell it out} January 6 Protesters|january 6 Protesters {to spell it out}}

Sen. {Ted Cruz admitted Thursday {it had been} a mistake {to spell it out} January 6 protesters as “terrorists,|Thursday {it had been} a mistake {to spell it out} January 6 protesters as “terrorists ted Cruz admitted,} {” after {utilizing the} word multiple times {to spell it out} the violence on Capitol Hill.|” after {utilizing the} expressed word {several} times {to spell it out} the violence {upon} Capitol Hill.}

Cruz spoke with Fox News {sponsor|web host} Tucker Carlson to admit his “{error}” and “sloppy phrasing” during an exchange with Capitol {Law enforcement} Chief Tom Manger {throughout a} Senate {Guidelines} Committee oversight {listening to}.

“{We have been} approaching a solemn anniversary this week. {In fact it is} {a wedding anniversary} of a violent terrorist attack on the Capitol, {where we {noticed} the {women and men} of {police} demonstrate incredible courage,|where we {noticed} {the ladies} and men of {police} demonstrate incredible courage,} {amazing} bravery, risk their lives for the Capitol,{on Wednesday ” Cruz said.}

Cruz’s comment sparked outrage from supporters of {previous} President Donald Trump, accusing the senator of teaming up with Democrat leftists to smear Republicans.

Cruz {informed} Carlson that {for many years} he {described} protesters who attacked {cops} as terrorists, {including Antifa and BLM rioters who “assaulted cops and firebombed {law enforcement} cars.|{which includes} BLM {plus} Antifa rioters who “assaulted cops and firebombed {law enforcement} cars.}”


But Cruz {furthermore} {utilized} the {term|phrase} on multiple {events} to {explain} the January 6 violent protests.

Just days {following the} 2021 protests, Cruz {stated|mentioned}, “We {noticed} a terrorist attack on {america} Capitol. {It had been} despicable. {It had been} an assault on the citadel of democracy” in a {declaration} to Texas media.

In a May {declaration}, Cruz {known} to {the function} as “the January 6 terrorist attack on the Capitol.”

Cruz {furthermore} described the January 6 protests as a “terrorist attack” in his {individual|private} podcast on January 25.

In his February {declaration} to acquit Donald Trump on {post|content|write-up} of impeachment, Cruz {mentioned|observed} he {considered|thought} the violent protests {had been} a “despicable terrorist attack.”


“As I’ve repeatedly said,} what we {noticed} on January 6 {has been|had been} a despicable terrorist attack on {america} Capitol {and the ones} who carried it out {ought to be} prosecuted to the fullest {degree|level} of {regulations},” he wrote.

He {actually|also} used {the term} “terrorist” {to spell it out} protesters who entered {the ground} of the Senate and {Home} chambers, {{not only} the protesters who attacked {cops}.|{not really} the protesters who attacked {cops} just.}


Recalling the events of {your day},|{your day}

Recalling the events of,} Cruz {stated|mentioned}:

We’re horrified {once we} {observe|notice|discover|find} terrorists assaulting {cops}, {tragically murdering a {officer}.|murdering a {officer} tragically.} We {visit a} violent assault on the capitol we {observe|notice|discover|find} terrorists {busting} onto {the ground} of the Senate chamber and {the ground} {of the home}. And {most of us} {are usually} horrified {with what} we’re {viewing}.{view}?v=p6ReEeokXQI&start=1514&feature=oembed

Cruz acknowledged his error {within an} {job interview} with Carlson on Thursday {following the} Fox News {sponsor|web host} criticized the Texas senator on his Wednesday {display}.

“I agree, {it was {a blunder} to use {the term} yesterday,|yesterday it was {a blunder} to use {the term},}” he said. “{As the} Democrats and {the organization} media have {therefore} politicized it.”


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