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{Joe Biden {Statements|Promises|States} January 6 Protesters '|January 6 Protesters &#039 joe Biden Claims;}Literally' {Wished to} Hang Mike Pence

President Joe Biden claimed in his speech on Capitol Hill Thursday that January 6 protesters {wished to} “literally” hang {previous} Vice President Mike Pence.

“We {noticed} it {with this} own {eye}. Rioters menaced these halls, {threatening {the life span} of the speaker {of the home},|threatening {the entire} life of the speaker {of the home},} {actually} erecting gallows {to hold} the Vice President of {america} of {The united states},” Biden {stated|mentioned}.

Biden was {discussing} a widely published {picture|photograph|image} of a makeshift gallow {built} by protesters {close to the} Capitol {developing}, which {numerous|several|a lot of} interpreted as {designed for} Vice President Mike Pence, {who was simply} {planning} to certify {the outcomes} of the 2020 presidential election.

A noose {sometimes appears} on a makeshift gallow as supporters of U.S. President Donald Trump {collect} on the West {part|aspect} of {the united states} Capitol in Washington, DC, {january 6 on,} 2021 (ANDREW CABALLERO-REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

{Some other|Additional|Various other} widely circulated {movie} footage {presented|highlighted} protesters on Capitol Hill chanting “Hang Mike Pence!” {once they} entered the {developing}.

Protesters frequently {make use of} makeshift gallows or {some other|additional|various other} instruments of execution {to show} opposition to political leaders.

In August 2020, violent leftist protesters {place} a mannequin of President Donald Trump in a guillotine.

{january 6

On,} Pence was {eventually} {guaranteed} by {Key|Magic formula|Top secret} Service agents {following the} Capitol {developing} {has been|had been} breached, but he refused to {keep|depart} the {developing} {before} election certification {procedure} on Capitol Hill {has been|had been} complete.


Trump {stated|mentioned} afterward he was {in no way} {concerned about} Pence’s safety on Capitol Hill,|

Trump {stated|mentioned} he was never {concerned about} Pence’s safety on Capitol Hill afterward,} noting he was {nicely|properly} protected by Secret {Support|Services|Assistance|Program|Provider}.

Trump {has been|had been} never {happy with} Pence’s decision to proceed {along with his} role in the election certification {procedure}.


“Anybody I spoke to – {the vast majority of} them at least {just about|virtually} agree,|

“Anybody I spoke to – all of them at least pretty much agree almost,} and some {quite definitely} {trust} me – because he’s {moving} on a vote {he} knows {will be} fraudulent. {{How will you} pass a vote {you know} is fraudulent?|{How do} {the} vote is passed by you {you know} is fraudulent?}” Trump {informed} ABC {Information} correspondent Jon Karl afterward.


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