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Nolte: Reality Star {Results in} Hospital After Selling Farts Online

Steph Matto made $200,000 selling her farts online and {finished up} in the {er} fearing she was {going to} die of a {coronary attack}.

Steph Matto, 31, from Connecticut, recently found herself in the emergency room after experiencing shooting pains in her chest.


She thought she was having a {coronary attack} or a stroke,|

She thought a heart {had been} had by her attack {or perhaps a} stroke,} {and was convinced she {would} die any moment.|and was convinced she {would} die any brief moment.}

Concerned doctors performed blood tests and an EKG but later told the 90 Day Fiancé star that the symptoms were actually caused by excess gas from her frequent diet of beans, eggs, and banana protein shakes.


The scheme began {back} November when Matto received requests from her adult-content site,|{back} November when Matto received requests from her adult-content site

The scheme began,} something {known as} Unfiltrd. For $1,000 a pop, {she’d fart in a jar and mail it {for you}.|she’d fart in a mail and jar it {for you}.} {{Despite having} a 50 percent discount {on the} holidays,|With a 50 percent discount {on the} holidays even,} she claims {to possess} cleared $200K.

Just when you thought the human condition had already hit bottom…

{Apart from} discovering that something so disgusting {is really a} real-life fetish – {so when} you’re my age {and also have} {cable television}, it’s pretty hard to be surprised anymore – what also shocked me is that Matto was actually {achieving this}. {After all} she wasn’t cheating.

Wouldn’t you cheat? {Not that {I’d} ever involve myself in {something similar to} this,|Not that {I’d} involve myself in {something similar to} this ever,} but if I did, I’d cheat. You’d pay me $1,000 and I’d put a stink in a jar, but it wouldn’t be mine.

Why not? {Who} know?

So you {need to} give her credit for that. She didn’t rip anyone off. No false advertising here.

{Apart from} ick , I feel bad for everyone involved, including Matto. Can you imagine how broken she is to debase herself like this? {She’s not dumb obviously.} She’s young, attractive, lives in America… And still she’s reduced to this, {to becoming {what a|just what a} &nbsp was called by her;} “fartrepreneur.”

Imagine how broken {individuals} are who drop $1,000 {to obtain} off on {something similar to} this. Human sexuality is beyond confounding in how it drives {visitors to} {most of these} bottoms (no pun intended). My guess is {that the majority of} it {is due to} {the way the} prevalence of all kinds of online porn rewires a person sexuality combined with an unwillingness to control yourself.


{Even yet in} a country of some 330 million people,|in a country of some 330 million people

Even,} {I’m} still surprised that 200 to 300 {of these} are so broken {they} allowed themselves to be reduced {to the}. We’re all human. We’ve all found the boundaries of our behavior through {exposure} to something and saying, Yeah, that’s not {for me personally}. Not who {I wish to} be. See ya.

But {these folks} didn’t do that, {{even though} they found themselves aroused by flatulence,|{if they} found themselves aroused by flatulence even,} they didn’t say, { Maybe things {‘re going} {a touch too} far.| Maybe things are far {heading} a bit too.} {And today} they’ve {turn out to be} this; and {a smart}, attractive, {young woman {permitted} herself to {turn out to be} that.|young woman that allowed herself to become.}

It’s {a free of charge} country – consenting adults, and all that. {But nonetheless}, man alive…


{And perhaps} she’s {not} smart.|

And she’s {not} smart maybe.} Imagine the money she could have made selling personal hotboxing sessions.

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