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WATCH: Woman Knocked to the Ground During Brawl at Peach Bowl

A pair of fans faced off in the bowels of Mercedes-Benz Stadium as Michigan State Spartans beat the Pittsburgh Panthers in the Peach Bowl 31-21on Thursday.

It isn’t exactly clear what kick off the fisticuffs in a video going viral, but a fan in a dark blue shirt is seen at its start reaching out and giving a rude face push to a fan wearing a black shirt.

Immediately several people — including a woman — try to keep the two combatants separated. But seconds later, the fan in the black shirt wades back in only to get a brutal fist to the face.

Unfortunately, the woman is knocked to the ground at the same time.


The fan in the black shirt can’t seem to get enough as he keeps coming back to rile the man in the blue shirt, but for the most part, the fight was over, but the screaming, chest-thumping, and threats.

Neither fan fighter exactly threw in the towel, but Pitt may as well have since their starting quarterback, Kenny Pickett, opted out of playing. According to sources, the Johnny Unitas Award winner is more interested in the coming NFL draft than his waning college football career.

Things went downhill quickly for Pitt in the quarterback department. Pickett’s backup, Nick Patti, was forced out of the game early after breaking his collar bone during Pitt’s first touchdown of the game.

Still, Pitt wasn’t doing all that bad until that disastrous fourth quarter when the Spartans came roaring back to win the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl.

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